Onza Trials Team

Jack Meek
Date of Birth: 29/04/83
Years Riding: 14
Bike: Onza Genesis 26"
Favourite riding spot: London
Style of rider: Street/Demo
Facebook: www.facebook.com

Interesting fact about yourself:
I have a really terrible short term memory and I once forgot my bike for a ride. Deadly serious but it has only happened once. Ha ha ha

Proudest Moment:
Riding the world championships in Japan 2006.

Nationals championships expert winner
Riding my bike on few prime time tv shows.
Organiser of the one of the largest bike trials festival.
BikeTrial DVD's
Learning to back flip and generally being very handy on bike and having even more fun the more I ride Onza Bikes.

Ian Drummond
Date of Birth: 1981!
Years Riding: 15!
Bike: Onza Pro Zoot
Favourite riding spot: South Shields Amphitheatre
Style of rider: Street
Facebook: www.facebook.com

Interesting fact about yourself:
I took a break from trials riding to be a stunt man, I have been set on fire, crashed cars, done ramp jumps on loads of different vehicles and even drove a monster truck.

Proudest Moment:
Being chosen for the 2013 ONZA team.

Breaking 5 Guinness World Records

Owen Gawthorpe
Date of Birth: 13/12/1996
Years Riding: 3 and a half
Bike: Onza Limey 4
Favourite riding spot: Shilpey Glen, Hook Woods and Porthcawl/Ogmore
Style of rider: Competition (Occasional Demonstations)

Interesting fact about yourself:
I play football for Aberystwyth Town Academy but although I'm British I captained the American national under 14's when they toured the UK in 2010.

Proudest Moment:
Winning the first 5 British national rounds of 2012 to win the British Trial Cup Expert Class, and then finishing runner-up in the Elite class of the 6th and 7th rounds of the British Championship.

2010 - Runner-up intermediate class.
2011 - Cadet class British champion and British Trials Cup - Minime British Champion.
9th in the BIU World Championships -Minime
2012 - British Expert Champion - 13th World Youth Games - Cadet Class
(notwithstanding 13.5 unfortunate [!] time penalties!)

Joe Seddon
Date of Birth: 05/12/88
Years Riding: 9
Onza Limey 4 26" / Onza limey 24" / Onza genesis 20"
Favourite riding spot:
Buthier (France) / Dartmoor (Devon)
Style of rider: As smooth as possible, love riding natural.

Interesting fact about yourself:
I trained as a chef, now full time rider and loveing every minute.

Proudest Moment:
2007 20" elite British champion. Full team rider for onza since 2007.

2012 - I have started riding full time doing shows and demos. Hope to compete more next year.

2010 / 2011 - Have not been riding many comps as chef trianig has taken up most of my time.

- 2nd in Elite class at the UCI British National Trials Cup.
- 1st in Elite class at the UCI British National Champions at Fort William.
- Winner of the British National Trials Cup in Elite.
- Qualified 10th at the UCI World Cup in France.

- 2nd in Senior group at Koxx Days in France
- 1st in Elite class in an East German Championship.
- Semi-finalist at the UCI World Cup in Switzerland.

Winner of the British Championship and became British Elite Champion
17th in senior group at The BIU world championships in Japan and Czech Republic.
9th place at the European Championships in Slovakia.
2nd in the Elite class at the European Cup in Latvia.
14th in the French Cup

West of England Bike Trials Club Champion
1st place overall Riding Elite.

Adam Morewood
Date of Birth: 19/02/02
Years Riding: 6
Bike: Onza Genesis XS Prototype
Favourite riding spot: Matlock Quarry (UK) and Saix (France)
Style of rider: Competition (BIU)
Facebook: www.facebook.com

Interesting fact about yourself:
Attacking midfield footballer for AFC Dronfield where Chelsea and Englang player Gary Cahill started his career.

Proudest Moment:
When Danny Macaskill told me he'd been watching my riding videos on YouTube.

BIU World Champion, EBU European Champion, EBU European cup winner and ACU British champion all in the same year.

Alec Wray
Date of Birth: 21/10/1992
Years Riding: 6
Bike: Onza Limey 4
Favourite riding spot: My local spot Sunniside
Style of rider: All round
Facebook: www.facebook.com

Interesting fact about yourself:
I ride for 3sixty :)

Proudest Moment:
Winning my first ever competition in Novice class 2006.

British champion; 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012

Brett Penfold
Date of Birth: 10/04/1990
Years Riding: 8
Bike: Onza Limey 4
Favourite riding spot: Street-South Shields, Natural-Shipley Glen
Style of rider: Competition (ish) I do try to mix it up though, honest!
Facebook: www.facebook.com

Proudest Moment:
Becoming British Expert Champion way back in 2007

British Expert Champion 2007
British Elite 3rd Place 2008
Professional Demo rider since 2007

Rich Pearson

Years riding: 12

Bio: South West of England Elite bike trials champion, four years of professional trials experience, eight years comp riding. Huge love of natural such as Dartmoor and the Cornish Coastline around where I grew up, but also a fan of big silly streety kind of stuff. I also talk quite a lot as well.

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